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Gharghashti (The Third son Qais Abdur Rashid)

Gharghashti  (The Third son Qais Abdur Rashid) 

Gharghashtī or Gharghakhtī (غرغښتي) refers to the pashtun legendary, one of the third son QaisAbdur Rashid who is said to be the founding father of Pashtoon people. 

The Gharghashti or ( Gharghakhti) tribe of The Kakar, settled mainly in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan and KandaharZabulHerat provinces of Afghanistan. The Jadun and Panni, settled mainly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan; and the Safi, whose highest concentration is in the Kohi Safi district of Parwan province and the Pech valley of Kunarprovince, but are also present in other parts of northeastern Afghanistan and in northwestern Pakistan. There are also other minor Gharghashti tribes and sub-tribes as stated below:


·         Babai
·         Daavi
·         Jadoon
·         Safi
·         Kakar (Bazai, Jalazai, Khudaidadzai, Mirdadzai
·         Khudadi
·         Ludin
·         Gandapur (HafizKhel, Ibrahimzai, Nattuzai, Yaqubzai)
·         Mandokhel
·         Mashwanis
·         Naghar
·         Nasozia
·         Panni (Barozai)
·         Panni (Balailzai)
·         Musakhel

Many of the people belonging to these sub-tribes reside in Eastern Afghanistan and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan, and Quetta and Attock District of Pakistan, speak Pashto as their mother tong

The Gharghashti Kakar Panni Mandokhel and Musakhel and other minor settled in the region around Quetta Zhob ans Loralai speak dialect, which is a "soft" Pashto dialect very similar to Kandahari Pashto. The Safi, some of the Jaduns, and some other minor northern Gharghashti tribes speak the northern or "hard" Pashto variety. The Jaduns, living on the Mahabun mountain slopes around Swabi speak Pashto, while those living in Hazara speak Pashto and Hindko. Some clans of the Safi tribe speak the Pashayi languages but are mostly bilingual in Pashto.

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